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Green Palestine Investment Company

Green Palestine Investment Company established in the year 2009, dedicated to invest in the areas of solid Waste and Waste Water and developing and promoting the use of alternative and renewable energy.

The company was established to benefit from the knowledge and research conducted by the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ), through the 20 years of its work experience. The company and through its different programs will be supportive for the Institute to be able to continue without foreign donor's support.

Green Palestine will be a leading company in these fields which wasn't approached by any in Palestine. As the interest in such environmental and agriculture activities was only from the donors and the NGO's and in the form of short or long term projects which will end by the end of the project, while on the other hand the company will work on using the technologies used in the world, which will help to protect the environment and developing the agriculture and creating alternative resources for the energy in Palestine.

The company will find durable solutions in these areas which will grantee the continuity in the treatment of the solid waste, waste water, and the producing of alternative energy. The company will be part of developing the Palestinian economy and creating job opportunities in the Palestinian Market


We are looking to be the first leading company in Palestine that works and implement environmental activities that support the society and the economy.


Towards an environmental green Palestine.

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