Ongoing Projects

Partnership with Bank of Palestine

Through a partnership with Bank of Palestine the company launched a new program entitled "Green Loan Program" the program will give financial access to the Palestine community, in order to be used in establishing household's facilities that can lead to efficient use of the Palestinian natural resources through promoting three main activities: Small scale waste water treatment unit, Build rainwater harvesting systems and renewable energy systems.

Partnership with PADICO

Through a partnership with PADICO the company will establish the first factory for the recycling of solid waste in Palestine; the company signed a contract with Nablus municipality which gives the company an exclusive agency to exploit the solid waste in Nablus Governorate. The project will take place in Nablus and will use high tech machines. The purpose of the project is to:

  • Get rid of the solid waste in an environmental manner.
  • Get advantage of this waste by producing the compost.And recycling the other components like (Metal, Glass, and Plastic).
  • Creating job opportunities Assisting the Municipalities to get rid of the solid waste in a lower cost.

Latest News Enhanced

  • 28Led Solar Light

    Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. High efficiency solar panel. 6 volt 2watt glass covered solar panel, Size 160mmx195mmx33 mm. Packing Content:Package include:1 x Solar panel.